Our Mission: A Job For Every Veteran

We employ veterans to paint the interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial buildings. Military personnel are faced with significant challenges finding gainful employment after their tours of duty. Many struggle to apply their skills to the private sector – up to 30% are unemployed depending on their age and location. We aim to change this by helping these well-trained, disciplined men and women start a new life back home.

Military Precision. Military Values.

We paint with great attention to detail, maintain meticulous worksites, and honor our time commitments. We don't consider a job complete until you are satisfied the appearance is flawless.

Equipped with years of rigorous training, veterans are known for their maturity, attention to detail, and promptness. They bring their military values - including honor, respect and service -- to whatever they do.

For the sake of our clients, employees and the environment, we work with only non-toxic paints and minimize our use of non-recyclable materials